Betting Terminals

  • Built for embedded devices

    Our user interface is built with technology designed specifically for embedded devices.

    This gives an unparalleled responsive feel that an HTML5-based solution couldn’t achieve.

  • Easy integration

    Our solution has been implemented with a clear distinction between our physical terminal solution and 3rd-party back-office betting systems. This makes it easy to integrate it with any back-office.

  • Rock solid foundation

    The betting terminals use the same battle-tested operating system that is powering our slot-machines.

    This enables powerful remote configuration management of each terminal.

Membership Card

  • Personalization

    Players can customize their betting experience in many different ways. Choosing their favorite teams, upcoming match-ups to follow and preferred markets all makes for a personalized experience.

  • Wallet

    Each membership comes with a wallet. The wallet makes it easy for players to use winnings for making additional bets.

  • Reward program

    Reward frequent players for their royalty and attract new players with targeted promotions.

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