Virtual betting

  • Great looking races

    The race videos are rendered in 60 fps + 4K resolution to give the best possible user experience. The videos can be pre-rendered to guarantee smooth videos.

  • Integrated solution

    All our products, it being slot machines, sports betting or virtual betting is integrated into the same user interface.

  • Every race is different

    Races are generated on the fly which makes sure that no two races are ever the same.


  • Custom AI for each greyhound

    Each greyhound has its own personal running style. Some use all their power right of the bat, while others keep a consistent stamina.

  • Beautiful 3D graphics

    Races are rendering using a modern PBR render, which makes for great looking and realistic graphics.

  • Many different tournaments

    Multiple simultaneous tournaments gives the players the choice of head-to-head races, playoff style races and races between the same well-known greyhounds each race.

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